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Acacia Grove Assisted Living Facility is a newly renovated facility located in the greater Orange Park area. We offer affordable, high quality care in a home-like environment with services that reflect and encourage independence. We structure daily activities that foster an active lifestyle for seniors. We provide home cooked meals, snack and special diets that are devised by a licensed dietician; medication management; social and recreational activities; housekeeping and laundry; assistance with all levels of personal care; private dinning for family get-together; beautiful decorated rooms with structured daily activities. Our Orange Park facility provides 24 hour care to senior adult ages 65 years of age and older.

Message from the Administrator

I have always had a passion to care for our seniors. I believe our seniors have the right to the best care at any level of care need. Since 2008 Acacia Grove Assisted Living Facility has been striving to set the highest standards for excellent quality in senior living.

We believe the quality of care directly reflects the quality and outcome of a person’s health. With great care a person’s health can improve at any level of development.

Our goal is to provide each resident the assistance and support he/she needs to function as independently as possible for as long as possible. Our hard work, attention and dedication to the care of our residents will give the families the sense of security and confidence in our staff to care for their loved ones when they are no longer able to provide care. Acacia Grove Assisted Living Facility is here to take the responsibility of care off the family and lighten the burden of concerns for loved ones.

The professional staff at Acacia Grove makes up a team that is eager and capable of providing exceptional and compassionate care to residents that will enhance their quality of life. We serve as a partner with our residents, families and the community to enrich the lives of our seniors with high-quality assisted living care.

Our Core Values
Integrity & Honesty Is Who We Are
  • We demonstrate the highest ethical standards by being fair and honest with our residents, families and team members.
  • We are committed to doing the right thing for each individual for the right reasons.
Promote Quality of Life
  • We enable residents to achieve their fullest possible physical, mental, emotional and social potential.
  • We promote independence and autonomy of our residents.
  • We encourage resident’s ability to maintain his/her personal identity and sense of self.
  • We enable a resident’s ability to maintain connectedness, social relationships and networks within and outside of the care setting.
  • We encourage resident’s engagement in meaningful activities that fosters independence.
Have A Passion For Excellence
  • We champion in striving to be the best, totally committed, living by highest standards and operating at our greatest potential.
  • We refuse to adopt a half-hearted, sloppy, near enough is good enough perspective but foster the spirit of excellence.
  • We believe a person’s quality of life is in direct proportion of a person’s commitment to excellence, regardless of where they are mentally, emotionally and physically.
Foster Independence
  • We communicate with seniors to help determine what his/her interests are, then form a plan to do those things together. When planning activities, keep the elements of interactive caregiving in mind.
  • We encourage seniors to help with tasks they are able to perform, such as folding laundry and writing a grocery list. Play a game or work on a puzzle, read the paper over a morning cup of coffee or take a walk together after meals.
Give Back To Society
  • Acacia Grove builds relationships and makes genuine connections within the community.
  • We look for ways in the community to make a difference in someone else’s life by giving back through donations and volunteer efforts.
  • We give employees an avenue to give back to others and this builds morale as well opportunities to collaborate as one and create a motivated team.
Nurturing Environment
  • We offer personal care services, enriching activities and wellness programs to promote senior independence and quality of life. We focus on an active lifestyle, and our team serves as caregivers and advocates for residents by providing an environment that allows our residents to thrive.
Service and Quality Care
  • We are profoundly committed to the care of residents and ensuring employees provide the highest quality of care to each resident.
  • We set clear cut guidelines for employee’s job performances and work within those guidelines to improve in weakened areas.
  • We work collectively with leadership, staff and the residents, or representative to gain substantial improvements in our service, safety and quality care.
  • We lead by example in resident’s care by setting the service bar high and reaching it only through high-quality service and care.
  • We strive to provide the best possible care.
  • We are fully committed to continual improvement for all we serve in the greater Orange Park Community.
A Passion For What We Do
  • Our passion for what we do have brought us happiness in so many ways and made our lives better overall.
  • We have a purpose, but more importantly what we do makes our lives richer and more fulfilled than anything else. The passion we have lets us know we are on the right path in life and provide us hope for a happier and exciting future.
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